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Bracha Uluwatu is an exclusive private estate with private beach and a 10 bedroom peaceful retreat. Situated on the Balangan beach komp Biu Biu, spectacular views of the ocean and the southern regions of Bali.The villa is the perfect venue for weddings and events of any type.
  • Room rate / villa rate
  • Villa rate include function fee Rp 52.000.000 ++
  • Price subject to 15.5% tax
  • + Additional room 1 nite 10 BR
  • Minimum number of stay in every period No minimum stay
  • List and Prices for Food and Beverage which available for the event it self , there is several partner , but in house it self we provide breakfast , for lunch dinner by request
  • Seating and standing capacity of the villa seating 150 ( round table set ) , standing 500
  • Refundable security deposit Rp  10.000.000
  • Banjar fee Rp  6.000.000
  • Event fee and also the regulation/rules of the villa if the client would like to hold an event. There is No event fee , is include with the rent of villa
  • Corkage fee/entrance fee There is no corkage fee
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