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Many tourists come to Bali at different times of the year from all over the world. Demand for villas is very high and availability could be limited. When a Villa receives a booking it declines other bookings. It is due to declining these other bookings that strict policies are enforced for full payment. Full payment secures the Villa and ensures that you have it booked during your length of stay. When booking a private villa in Bali, Dluxe Villas adheres to the policy set by the owner of the villa. The policy may differ from owner to owner however normal payment terms apply. Please see below: Cancellation Each villa applies its own cancellation policy. Cancellation policy specific to the villa you are about to rent is attached to booking confirmation we send.
  1. Cancellation has to be made in writing by email
  2. No show is subject to forfeiture of all payments you have made.
Season Period Season classifications, their period, and corresponding pricing are subject to discretion of each villa owner. Please refer to pricing information in villa detail page of our website. Altering Your Booking
  1. Altering your booking can only be made in writing by either email or fax.
  2. Altering your booking is subject to availability.
  3. Each villa applies its own policy on booking alteration.
Events and Parties Villa rental are made available only for holiday accommodation purpose only. Holding an event or party is subject to management discretion, surrounding neighborhood, local authorities, and may incur various charges and fees.
  1. Depending on the neighboring community, certain functions may not be allowed in certain villas.
  2. Explicit notice upon making your reservation is required for holding events or parties in the villa.
  3. Fees may be required to acquire a license to hold the event from local authorities.
Liability Getting travel insurance which covers any potential disadvantages during your holiday including illness, injury, death, damage, loss, and cancellations is highly advisable.
  1. Dluxe Villas is not liable in any circumstance to substitute or refund any unused proportion of accommodation and other related services.
  2. Dluxe Villas is not liable to damage, loss, injury, and death sustained by residing clients both inside and outside the villa.
  3. Whilst we make our best effort to ensure accuracy of information presented in our website, we are not responsible for any changes and alterations made by the villa owner.
  4. Dluxe Villas is not responsible and therefore is not liable to borne any related expenses caused by inconvenience caused by condition of the villa.
  5. Dluxe Villas is not liable to any loss and damages to personal belongings of the clients and their visiting guests including cars and personal belongings left inside.
Losses and Damages
  1. Clients are responsible to leave the villa in good order and clean condition.
  2. Clients are liable to cover any losses and damages to the villa during their occupation.
  3. Villa owner retains the right to repossess the villa if the clients or their guests cause damages to the villa.
Complains and Force Majeur Both Dluxe Villas and villa owners are doing their best to provide comfortable accommodation for the clients to occupy. However we are also aware that there are issues beyond our control which may negatively affect client’s experience.
  1. Clients have to address complains to the villa manager immediately.
  2. Both villa owner and Dluxe Villas will not entertain any complains raised after client’s departure.
  3. Dluxe Villas is not liable for failure to perform its obligation caused by issues beyond its reasonable control including but not limited to act of God, power failure, fire, flood, epidemic disease, war, riot, and terrorism.
  1. All clients are strongly recommended to obtain appropriate travel and medical insurances.
  2. Clients are responsible to ensure that every member of their group has proper travel document as regulated by the government of the Republic of Indonesia.
  3. Dluxe Villas is not liable to refund any losses caused by improper documentation and any other travel related problem including but not limited to cancelled or delayed flights.
  4. Dluxe Villas is not liable to any illegal conduct or actions against the law of the Republic of Indonesia.
  Paying a Deposit to Confirm a Booking ase be aware that the booking deposit may range from 30% to 50% of the total reservation value.It is important that the booking deposit should be settled 5 to 7 days after you receive the invoice from Dluxe Villas. A Bank Transfer normally takes 3 to 5 working days before the money is deposited into our account. Only when the funds have been deposited into Dluxe Villas account, will the Reservation Confirmation and Official Payment Receipt Slips be sent.USD Telegraphic Transfer (TT) or USD Wire Transfer.For Telegraphic Transfer (TT) payments we require the full rental charge amount to be received in our Bank Account. Any bank transfer fees are to be applied to your own bank account including correspondent bank charges. Please send the copy of your Telegraphic Transfer Online payment.
  • Follow the link mentioned in our email or invoice to settle the payment online through your credit card.
  • Payment is subject to 3% - 4% of additional credit card processing fee.
  The villa owner/management is paid immediately on receipt of the booking deposit to secure your villa. For bookings made - less than 30 - 45 days prior to arrival during low season; - less than 60 days prior to arrival during high season; - less than 90 days prior to arrival during peak season; the full amount of the total reservation value must be settled within 5 to 7 days, after receiving our invoice. No villa booking can be undertaken without a deposit. Balance of Payment Bookings during: - low season; balance of payment is required 30 - 45 days prior to your arrival date - high season; balance of payment is required 60 days prior to your arrival date - peak season; balance of payment is required 90 days prior to your arrival date If the balance of payment is not received on time, the villa owner/management has the right to revoke the booking and the booking deposit paid will be forfeited. Only when your funds have reached our account, will we send you the Official Payment Receipt Slip for the payment balance. On receipt of the payment balance into our account, we immediately pay the villa owner/management to secure the villa. It is highly unlikely that the villa owner/management will accept the payment balance upon your arrival in Bali. This is due to the likelihood of guest cancellation and subsequent loss of income. Low/high/peak season classifications and their periods are subject to the discretion of each villa owner. Please refer to the information located on our website titled villa details. To ensure that you get the holiday you want and deserve, please make sure that full payment of your villa is made in advance to secure your Villa accommodation.

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